Dirty Velvet - for gentlemen rebels

Recently I was lucky enough to sample some of Dirty Velvet's new Autumn / Winter 2015 collection, and it has been one of the most incredible experiences I've had so far through this blog...

Dirty Velvet can only be described as the clothing for the bold, daring, and adventurous. Their designs are so quirky and so artistic that they provide an unique opportunity for eccentricity to spread into the everyday world of fashion. There are generally less opportunities for men to make bolder fashion statements, as females usually have the options of buying a wider ranger of clothes - Dirty Velvet's shirts change this. 

My two favourite t-shirts are "Born to be Wild" and "Stair Surfing". They take two popular ideas of photography and surfing and add an innovative twist on them. I think the quirkiness of the design allows for individual expression in a sophisticated manner to filter into working environments - providing a space for some lightness and artistic expression. 


  Born to be Wild - DV10227 [Vintage White]


        Stair Surfing - DV10211 [Burgundy]

One of the major aspects of my life that I have been focusing on this year is going as natural and organic as possible, and Dirty Velvet's garments are a wonderful way to introduce that healthy quality into your wardrobe. Their products are all made from 100% organic cotton, with no chemical fertilisers or pesticides used during the growing process. This means their clothes have minimal impact on the environment, while still maintaining their excellent quality and comfort. 

So if you're looking for some new items of clothing to spice up your current wardrobe, head over to dirtyvelvet.co.uk to order your AW15 clothes, and join the movement of gentlemen rebels.