Review: Star Wars, The Force Awakens

It is true. All of it. All of the stories.
— Star Wars, The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens and a new generation of fandom for the Star Wars franchise is born. 

With over one year of advertising, anticipation, and speculation about Episode VII, the answers have finally arrived and they do not disappoint. From the opening scene when John Williams' Star Wars Theme music starts playing the feeling of hope and excitement ran through the cinema. Of course there are the old classics that make the film familiar to the fan, but then there is an entire new cast, for the new generation. 

One addition to the film is a strong hint of comedy through the character of Finn; I'm in two minds about this, as while it appears to be appealing to a younger audience, it most certainly is not apart of the traditional scripts of the previous movies ... the consensus is that this is a 'disney' addition to the film. 

While there are the unexpected twists in the plot, there were aspects of the film that seemed a bit overdone - the whole, Luke I am your father, was one of the biggest cinematic reveals in history, and thus using a similar idea in this film seems a bit boring to the true fan; even changing it up by focusing on the maternal family may have allowed for a more powerful statement. A second slightly predictable aspect is the Resistance's quest to defeat the First Order's weapon ... again the scene showed strong correlations to that of Episode IV, and was a bit predictable. 

Overall, however, the film was definitely a hit. The set design and costumes were nailed to a T, and of course the music by John Williams could not disappoint. Getting to know the new generation of characters, as well as reconnecting with the older ones, was a heart-warming experience, and I thoroughly look forward to this new chapter of the franchise.