the sweetest of awards

within the past few days i have been nominated by two incredible bloggers for the liebster award. this is an amazing award that is passed throughout the blogging community as a way of appreciating those hard working bloggers you don't often hear about. as this is my second (and third) nomination, i am going to be changing things up just a little (my original liebster post can be found here)...

over the past few years, and especially in recent months, i've become increasingly aware of the importance of idiosyncrasy, and remaining true to yourself, and for that reason i've chosen to honour some bloggers who i feel do exactly that. it is so important to hold yourself to a set of moral standards, and keep to those standards regardless of what life throws at you - unfortunately not everyone seems to do this, and thus it is extra special when you find people who do uphold a strong sense of dignity and self-worth. 

firstly, from the bottom of my heart, i would like to thank Celeste and Amanda, for your nominations | i am so grateful that i have connected with two incredible bloggers and women such as yourselves. your blogs are so inspirational and refreshing as they contain no pretentiousness, and you are both such sincere individuals. 

secondly, i would like to thank Jemma, the founder of the empowering blogging platform girl gang. i think your contribution to the blogging community is commendable, and i am so pleased to be apart of such a positive and powerful movement. 

finally, to my 'nominations'. traditionally the liebster award is a way to nominate fellow bloggers within a certain follower limit, but as i have already done this in my first nomination, i would like to rather recommend some wonderful blogs for you to save for a rainy day... these are some inspirational and deserving bloggers who i love to follow and read during my week 

Celeste from With Love, Celeste

If you are reading this, wherever you are, I hope that you never forget to make your happiness a priority & if you ever find yourself making a decision whatever it is, make sure it makes you happy
— Celeste

Amanda from Blankets & Tea

When you learn to be mindful, you begin to see the true beauty and perfection that make up this world we live in.
— Amanda

Jemma from Dorkface 

I write this blog post while staring out the window to the vast Dartmoor landscape, moors expanding on for what seems like forever. The wind is blowing heavily against the window, there’s a heavy fog settling in and the internet service is really quite terrible here.
— Jemma

Kitty & Nathan from Searching for Tomorrow

The smell of wood fires slowly became stronger in the evenings as the Sun began to fade earlier and earlier with every day. The mornings greeted you with a cold kiss to your cheeks as spiders awoke to beaded beds.
— Kitty & Nathan
Someone once told me that I don’t have to be great and accept everything, I need to love in my own simple ways and be happy in my own simple ways too; what’s important to me may be pointless to someone else.
— Apoorva