The Importance of Culture

I recently returned home from a trip in Europe where I was travelling with a few friends and there was one issue that has really stuck with me, that of culture in the 21st century. Back in the day people were educated in subjects of art and language, they were well spoken and knowledgeable, yet today the vast majority of young adults are blissfully unaware of what an educated culture is. I was shocked to find that my one friend not only disliked art, but had no appreciation or understanding of it whatsoever. Now I understand that art is not something for everyone, but the least a person can do is appreciate its value, even if it means little to them. Sure there are artists and paintings I don’t enjoy, but I can still appreciate them as art. I don’t know if I am just an incredibly obnoxious 19 year old who has had a rare upbringing that has taught me to understand history and cultured activities… So here is my question to you, is culture still important today? And will it still exist in 50 or 200 years time?

culture, writingAmy Calitz