Review: Tashas Waffle House

Craving waffles? No problem, Tashas Waffle House is by far the best place to get waffles in Cape Town. Situated at Constantia Village, it is central, affordable and quaint. Aside from their elaborate waffle menu, which I shall get to later, you are able to buy a selection of 'bonbons', some of which I haven't seen since my childhood - such as the infamous flying saucers. 

Their menu is uncomplicated and delightful...

First step - choosing your waffle base. There are three options: the plain, the red velvet and the chocolate chip base. This is an important decision, as you still need to choose your ice cream and toppings. My recommendation is keeping your base plain, so as to allow for maximum flavour from toppings. 

Ice cream - possibly the most important decision. Tashas has a wide range of ice cream to choose from, such as Lindt Mint and Tiramisu, to your chocolate and lemon sorbet. You have the option of getting between one and three scoops. 

Final step of toppings - there is every topping you could ever imagine for your waffle; smarties, oreo, baklava, turkish delight, nuts, fruit, the list goes on. It is also important to note that certain syrups come free with your waffle, so rather wait for that and spend your money on an extra topping. 

For those who are feeling extra hungry and adventurous, Tashas offers four signature waffles; lemon meringue, apple crumble, red velvet cheese cake, and banana mania. These are standardised with different bases and toppings compared to the customisable menu. 

Finally the pricing is wonderful, as you only pay for what you order. This allows you to pre-calculate the price of your waffle, and for those of you on a student budget this is a welcomed feature.