2015 Book Challenge

My main New Years Resolution for this year was to read a book a week. Although some may find this amount to be very ambitious, being an English Literature Major reading vast quantities of literature has never been an issue for me. Unfortunately when compiling my list of 52 books, I forgot to include most of the novels I need to read for University this year, meaning I am actually expecting myself to read over 80 books this year, and not 52. 

To motivate me to really finish my initial 52 books, I have decided to partake in the Semi-Charmed Summer 2015 Book Challenge, just as a fun way to check twelve books off my list. What I love about this challenge is that I am able to choose the books that will fall into each category, which is ideal as I already have my list of books that I would like to read.

The rules are as follows, and anyone is welcome to participate:

  • The challenge will run from May 1, 2015, to August 31, 2015. No books that are started before 12 a.m. on May 1 or finished after 11:59 p.m. on August 31 will count.

  • Each book must be at least 200 pages long. Audiobooks and large-print books are fine, as long as the regular print versions meets this length requirement.

  • A book can only be used for one category, and each category can only be completed once. If you want to switch the category of a book during a later check-in, that's fine, just be sure to account for that in your point total.

  • Rereads can be used for a maximum of three books in the challenge. This rule is meant to encourage you to try new books while still allowing you to revisit books from your childhood or young adulthood that you might get more out of now. Please reread the entire book within the timeframe of the challenge in order to count it; no simply finishing old books or partial rereads.

  • The highest possible total is 200 points, and the first five people who finish the challenge will be invited to contribute a category for the next challenge.

And now for the categories ... [my chosen books are in bold]

5 points: Read any book that fits the general rules. To Kill a Mockingbird | Harper Lee
10 points:
 Read a book you have never heard of before. Americana | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie 
10 points:
 Read a book that you have wanted to read for at least two years. The Last Day of a Condemned Man | Victor Hugo
10 points: Read a book that won a Goodreads “Best Book” award in 2014. All the Light we Cannot See | Anthony Doerr 
15 points:
 Read a book by an author who is completely new to you. Seven Years in Tibet | Heinrich Harrer 
15 points:
 Read a book by an author you have read before. The Swan Thieves | Elizabeth Kostova 
15 points:
 Read a book with "light" or "dark" in the title. Light of the World | James Lee Burke
20 points:
 Read a book with the name of a city, state or country in the title. The Road to Oxiana | Robert Byron 
20 points:
 Read a book with an animal on the cover. The Snow Leopard | Peter Matthiessen
25 points:
 Read a book that is part of a series with at least four books. The Seventh Scroll | Wilbur Smith
25 points:
 Read a book that is longer than 500 pages long. War and Peace | Leo Tolstoy
30 points:
 Read a book with an alliterative title. Transparent Things | Vladimir Nabokov

So that's it; wish me luck.