A Healthy, Organic Lifestyle

Two years ago, after battling a parasite infection for 30 months, I decided to cut everything processed out of my diet. In doing this I was able to naturally get rid of the parasites that were infecting me at an intracellular level. This is a common infection, often picked up through travelling, and entirely undetected through modern medicine. The pharmaceutical industry just loves to shove every possible type of medication down your throat, and at one point I was taking pills that should only be prescribed to women who have had children! That being said, moving to less conventional forms of treatment was the best decision I have ever made. 

Consulting with the B.E.S.T. system, a German machine that measures energy levels in your hands and feet, I was able to cure myself in a natural, healthy manner. This system was invented as an alternative to acupuncture, and allows for the machine to interpret what our body's are trying to tell us. Through this wonderful device I found out I was gluten, dairy, and sugar intolerant. That means I had, unknowingly, been pumping my body with things that were causing me additional harm, and feeding my parasites. Unbeknownst to me, my cravings for grapes and watermelon (foods that I thought were healthy) were allowing the parasites in my blood to feed, grow, and reproduce. 

Deciding to cut out gluten, dairy, wheat, sugar and preservatives was tough. The first two weeks were brutal, and the cravings for absolutely anything from a carrot, to a pancake, were almost unbearable. But then things began to change. The nausea I had been experiencing for 30 months straight disappeared, and I no longer dreaded waking up in the morning. I began to gain energy I wasn't even aware I was missing. And I started to look healthy, the bags under my eyes disappeared, my skin and hair slowly started to look fresh and healthy again, and my insides all felt glorious. 

Of course it was incredibly tough, few friends understood why I couldn't have a glass of wine, or couldn't eat their birthday cake - but every time I put anything processed into my mouth, I was giving the parasites something they needed to survive. Every "cheat" would put me back weeks. But luckily my family was incredibly supportive, joining me on my new diet, and going to the ends of the earth to find alternative foods that would add variety to my meals. 

And then the miracle I had been waiting for happened, my parasites all died. Six months in and I was finally free of all the negativity that had been living inside of me. Since then I have been dedicated to finding more and more ways to live a natural, organic life. Last year my focus was on what went into my body, this year I have changed what I do to the outside of my body, such as not using shampoo and conditioner in my hair (see post on this here). 

So in light of all of this I have decided to document some important moments in my journey in the hopes of helping others. A good friend of mine has recently learnt that she too is gluten intolerant, as well as a few other common foods - this has inspired me to tell my story. Most people don't realise just how bad things like GMO's and refined sugars are, which are found in most mass-produced foods. Parasites and candida are two of the most common, undiagnosed and untreated infections people experience. They can both be rectified through proper healthy living. So if you are in any way interested in my journey, or know of someone going through some similar troubles, stay tuned for some life changing discoveries, tips and stories.