Exploring Cape Town through Photography

I recently took to the streets of my wonderful city with my camera and tripod in hand. I am currently in my final week of a photography course with the wonderful Martin Osner, and my assignment from last week was night photography. I was most excited about this, as it has always been one of my dreams to capture the night sky through my camera lens. Now of course I wasn't able to take a road trip up to the Karoo, where the air is perfect for capturing the stars and milky way, but I did do a miniature trip to some of my favourite Cape Town spots. 

Canon 60D, ISO 500, 18mm, f/8, 30'' 

Kirstenbosch was probably my favourite place - table mountain was so beautifully lit up from the city lights, and it left the sky with the most exquisite magenta hue. 

Canon 60D, ISO 500, 24mm, f/8, 30''

My favourite shot of the reflective artwork on Rhodes Drive, as part of the endemic sound project. This is a project that has put up over a dozen pieces of artwork around different animals and plants found in the Western Cape. It has transformed Rhodes Drive into a living piece of artwork when you are driving home at night along it. It has always been a special sight for me, and so I am incredibly happy to have been able to capture these very cool fish. 

Canon 60D, ISO 500, 33mm, f/8, 30''

So if ever you find yourself in Cape Town at night, I would definitely take a drive past these innovative artworks.