Ice Coffee Cubes

With Spring on its way in the Southern Hemisphere I thought it was about time I gave an idea I saw on Hatchery a try - and so, I give you, ICE COFFEE CUBES. What I love about these cubes is once you've made a batch of them, it allows you to make an ice coffee very quickly and without worrying that you don't have all the ingredients. Also, as you will be blending frozen milk, there is no need to include ice cream, and so this is a much healthier option from that perspective. 

What You Will Need:

  • 5 Nespresso pods (alternatively you can make about a cup's worth of instant black coffee)
  • Milk
  • Ice cube tray


  1. After making your black coffee (either with a Nespresso machine or instant), pour the coffee into an ice cube tray, filling each ice cube block half way.
  2. Put the tray into the freeze and wait about 30 minutes for the coffee to freeze.
  3. Pour the milk over the now frozen cubes of coffee, so that your tray is now made up of half-coffee half-milk cubes. Again stick this in the freezer.
  4. Next time you're in the mood for a quick ice coffee, take out two or three cubes (depending on how strong you'd like your semi-frozen beverage) and blend them with some ice and a dash of water.