a year in books

in 2015 i gave myself the challenge of reading 52 books within the year - unfortunately the books i had decided on were not part of university set books, so realistically i set myself up for failure (although i did manage to read about 52 books over the year, but these were predominantly academic writings). despite this, i did manage to find the time to engross myself in some incredible novels. my absolute favourites are listed below: 

ulysses by james joyce

into the wild by jon krakauer

a week in december by sebastian faulks  

the diving bell and the butterfly by jean-dominique bauby

to the lighthouse by virginia woolf

tales of a female nomad: living at large in the world by rita golden

lolita by vladimir nabokov

something that i have always found most special is the associations i have developed between specific books and locations. i will always associate a novel with the place i first read it - in this way all my memories are preserved in the books i have read and the places i was in while reading them. two of my most precious associations are from the books the elegance of the hedgehog by muriel barbery, which i read while barging in the south of france, and purple hibiscus by chimamanda ngozi adichie, which reminds me of the parks in budapest and brasov. 

for 2016, knowing that i am going to have an incredibly busy and time-pressured year, i have chosen a smaller selection of novels that i would like to get through this year. i am, of course, still open to suggestions for some good reads, but for the time being i am keeping my list short and significant (but knowing me i will probably end up adding many more novels to this list as the year progresses). 

war and peace by leo tolstoy

i've had this book on my shelf for over a year, and am now finally mentally prepared to tackle it. after getting through ulysses last year, i am up for the challenge - and hopefully it'll be well worth the wait. 

the snow leopard by peter matthiessen

last year i had the pleasure of going on an advanced photography course, which has inspired me to travel purely for photographic purposes. matthiessen's quest for the perfect photograph and siting of the snow leopard while hopefully fuel my passion further. 

seven years in tibet by heinrich harrer

my love of travel and adventure is definitely the reason for my wish to read this novel. i have always wanted to travel to tibet (in conjunction with a hiking trip to napal), and combined with a love for buddhism and the tibetan lifestyle makes this memoir a definite must. 

how not to be wrong: the power of mathematical thinking

i have always had a very mathematically orientated brain, especially in the way that i think, so this is a novel that i'm hoping will compliment my thought-waves, and hopefully challenge me in new ways. 

ada by vladimir nabokov

vladimir nabokov is my absolute favourite author, so one of his many exquisite pieces is always a must when making book lists. 

the age of innocence by edith wharton

with an upcoming trip to new york city, i'm very excited to read this book to get a better feel for the city before arriving. any new yorkers, or new york visitors with suggestions of what i can do there, please please please give me suggestions for my holiday. 

the last day of a condemned man by victor hugo

every year self-reflection is an important part of growing as a person. this deeply reflective novel will hopefully push me to think about the way in which i live my life, and about what truly matters before our inevitable death.