an evening of firsts

recently in a conversation with a good friend i realized how easy it is to play life safe and remain in your comfort zone. she told me that when she was in her twenties she had a one date policy, whereby she would always go on one date with a guy, but if she wasn’t feeling it then would call it quits. but, and this is the important bit, she would always agree to go on the first one.

this kind of got me thinking about my life, and how many opportunities i’ve missed out on purely because i didn’t push myself to feel uncomfortable and try something different. see, i’ve made this new friend, chelsea, who is slowly teaching me so much about life and comfort and boundaries. and she says that to put yourself deliberately in an uncomfortable situation, and wait the awkward several minutes, provides both an incredible adrenaline rush, but also a truly idiosyncratic bonding experience for everyone involved.

so. as part of my new outlook on this year being about me, and about my needs, i’ve decided to give this a try. more importantly, i’ve decided to give this a try in my own city. when i travel i am eternally comfortable in whatever i do, but for some reason it is so much more difficult to push those boundaries when you risk being seen by an acquaintance or a friend of a friend.

tonight i decided to start small, and just go sit in a restaurant alone. while i am always working in coffee shops and low-key restaurants alone throughout the day, i have never attempted this venture at night before. so tonight, while waiting for a friend to end a date, i walked into a new restaurant at 9:15pm, asked for a table for one, and ordered myself a dessert and coffee while i whipped out my laptop to write this. so far i am pleased to say it is going well; the music is great for writing, the coffee is good, and the bizarre stares are making my evening extra special. this is me officially resolving to try something new, constantly. simply because it’s rather fun.