knysna exploring

every sunset , every winter evening , everyday of our lives we are provided wih opportunities. opportunities that we often choose to ignore to prolong a mode of self-pity that perpetuates our daily lives. but what if you just stop - stop all the noise , all the deadlines , all the stress. what if you just stop to look , look and notice and take in all that is around us. nature has provided us with unlimited opportunities to appreciate and revel in beauty.  

over my short university vac i took a trip to knysna to visit some very dear friends. while i had a large amount of work to get through i decided to try to enjoy all the beauty and peacefulness that i was surrounded by. this was such a valuable experience , as it reminded me how just how spectacular our world is , you just have to remember to look. 

recently i found out that an organisation took a group of blind people up table mountain ... this really got me thinking ; what would you describe the view as ? how could you possibly describe all that we see to a person who has never seen anything. to describe a dew drop resting on a flower petal , with a fisheye reflection of your face in it as you look upon its beauty. how do you explain what a ray of sunlight looks like as it breaks through the clouds to bring a beam of brightness into the view. 

my challenge for you is to try find that glimmer of beauty. take a break , even if a few seconds , from stressing and working and find something to appreciate and enjoy. allow your soul to experience true beauty - it really does wonders for your mental well-being.