nature magic

the past seven weeks have been far too hectic , and unfortunately my inspiration has deteriorated dramatically. as a result my blog has severely suffered ... but i am finally feeling less stressed and more connected with the earth , and so i am at long last ready to share this 'nature magic' post with everyone. 

an old friend recently told me about this concept called earthing. earthing is when you take off your shoes and connect with the earth - skin to soil / grass contact. it's supposed to help us reconnect with the life force that we rely on , and to ensure that connection remains strong despite all the distractions we surround ourselves with [ wifi , technology , general 'advanced' civilisation and such ] . since starting a daily routine of standing in my garden for about 20 minutes , i am already feeling the calming , soulful and grounding effects - and it's done the world of good for me .

the piece of green haven i had the privilege of exploring was a hike in orangekloof , hout bay. it is part of our nature reserve and so walking in the pristine environment is a rare occasion as you need to acquire a day permit for 10 people . seeing and smelling the greens of the mountain i look upon on a daily basis was so soothing for the mind , and the fun of taking a picnic and some tea and sitting alongside a 15m waterfall was heavenly. 

i hope you can all go out and find your inner peace this weekend , and give earthing a try . i know it sounds rather strange , but there is a child-like wonder to it , and i truly think that if you believe in something good arising from an earthly activity , some good will come of it .