Taste of Kirstenbosch

Recently I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon at the Kirstenbosch craft and food market with a few other South African bloggers. It was such a special experience as I have seen the craft market many times in the past, but have never really set aside time to check it out - and it really is worth it. Located at the stone church opposite Kirstenbosch, the craft and food market is the perfect family activity, with local food vendors, children's play areas, live music, and wonderful stalls to stock up on birthday gifts for the month. It is open on the last Sunday of every month, from 9am - 3pm [the next market is Sunday 27 March].

Being part of a foodie event (thanks Hippo Communications) was wonderful, as I was able to try a variety of food from some incredible vendors. I've compiled a list of my favourites, but there are many more at the market, so be sure to take a stroll first to check out all your options.

First on the list is Jacqueline's Falafel - her vegan food is fresh, light and perfect for a light mid-morning snack. If you're eating with a few friends, getting a few platters from The Mighty Schwarma and Masala Cafe as well as Jacqui's Falafel is a great way to enjoy a variety of food. All three of these vendors work with similar flavours, but in different combinations, so it is difficult to pick a favourite.

Next up is a definite must for any pizza lovers out there ... Maggino Bro's Artisan Pizza uses lovely thin bases, fresh ingredients, and has a lovely selection of toppings to choose from. Both Maggino and The Mexican Nacho can also be found at other market events around Cape Town, such as the Galileo Open Air Theatre. 

The Mexican Nacho was probably my favourite, purely because of the way it is prepared in front of you. The chef uses a blow torch to melt the cheese on the nacho chips, which results in the food being warm and quickly ready for consumption.

before ...

                           ... during ...

                                                            ... after


The last of the savoury dishes I tried was 18-hour slow cooked beef burger, by the Hungry Bear. They also prepared a baked beer bread topped with the same slow cooked beef, which was just as good as their burger. 

If you've got a sweet tooth, a lovely way to end off a meal is with a Wicked Waffle, drizzled in pure dark chocolate - decadent is the only word that would suffice.

An exciting pairing with your Sunday lunch is a locally produced craft beer, Harfield. With a brewery located in Deep River, it adds a level of excitement knowing you're supporting a local business.