taking a leap of faith

so the past few months have been quite challenging for me ... i've been at a crossroads in my career, gone through some hectic emotional turmoil, and been in a state of confusion. however, despite all of this i have never been happier (not quite sure how that works, but then again the mind is a mysterious thing). 

in recent weeks i've done quite a bit of thinking , soul searching , and all-round believing. i've reached that point where i can no longer automatically know the answers, or know the best option, and that has made me realise just how much faith and belief we need to have. it's not giving up on ourselves, but rather freeing us from a burden that otherwise could not be shaken. there are some things that we just need to accept that will always be out of our control. and that's okay. 

now that i'm finally in this state of peace i'm ready to face all my passions that have been neglected (such as reading and writing). 

so this is me just saying hey, i'm still alive and i'm ready to start sharing pieces of my soul again