B U D A P E S T   even the name resonates individuality and quirk – this is a city that has captured my heart. It has the most special charm to it, with such a unique culture and history. Although it is clearly less developed than Western Europe it is by no means third world. Budapest has such a strong identity that is confident enough to stand alone and has a magical power of drawing people into its way of life. If ever you have an opportunity to visit this hidden gem grab it up and stay for a year!

From the get-go my experience in this capital city was perfect. I stayed at Maverick City Lodge on Kazinczy Utca, just outside of the tourist district but clearly the area for local cuisine at affordable rates. Every morning I was able to get my caffeine fix at Goamama (divine roast) and some breakfast at one of the many bakeries in the area. Some highlights include the hike and breathtaking view from the Citadel, the underground labyrinth on Castle Hill where Vlad Tepes was held prisoner during his childhood, and the reading benches along the Danube overlooking the Chain Bridge.

If you would like more tips about this magical city please contact me or download the city map.