Tips for Travelling with Friends

After spending several holidays with friends in Europe, there are a few pointers I feel people should know about... especially if you are considering taking a trip yourself. 

  1. Always agree on a budget prior to planning your holiday
  2. Have an equal say in the destination(s)
  3. Acknowledge that alone time is essential
  4. Take a book, or some form of solo entertainment
  5. Remember to take group photos

These may seem rather obvious to some, but trust me when I say that executing an entire holiday in a foreign country without any disagreement is never easy. You are generally in a place where English is not the first language, and the only people to talk to are your friends — you are bound to get on each others nerves. This is when alone time becomes the saving grace, as an afternoon spent doing exactly what you want is a great way to break any tension, and to ensure that you do things to suit yourself too. 

A topic that is often difficult to talk about is financial situations, as everyone will have slightly different budgets. Best way to prevent any awkwardness is to talk about it in the initial planning stages, so that your holiday can be catered towards the lowest budget, and then any extra money you have is yours to blow on whatever tickles your fancy. Budgeting is also important when it comes to food, the best tip I can give is to never eat in tourist central as prices are sometimes double compared to a place a few roads away. 

My final, and possibly most important tip is to include everyone in photographs. I know that my last trip with three friends involved me being the primary photographer. It was great in the sense that I got all of the shots I wanted, but it meant that I was only in seven or eight pics out of my thousand that I'd taken. Posing is often a mission, but trust me when you return home you will be eternally grateful you took a few extra seconds to capture the moment. 

Happy travels