The city of Innsbruck is an experience like no other. The colourfulness of the houses belong in a place like Colmar, the snow-covered mountain appears to have been transported from Kitzbühel, and the Golden House in the Altstadt seems to send you to Barcelona. 

Nevertheless, here is my 'Innsbruck: top 4'

1. Dom zu St. Jakob - this church, only a corner away from the Altstadt, is a magnificent place to spend an afternoon in a nostalgic setting. The church contains beautiful architecture, murals and statues. It is massive, with its dome easily visible from various locations in the town. Definitely worth a stop.

2. Clock Tower - the tower has magnificent views of Innsbruck (as seen in the photo above). You get a panoramic view, orientation, and a bit of exercise while walking up the 100+ steps.

3. Goldenes Dächl - this is the famous Golden House, located in the centre of the Altstadt. It is beautiful, and worth a quick photo or two from the outside. Standing in the square in front of the House you gain a feel for the city, and experience its old magic. 

4. The Park - take a stroll alongside the river, and end up in the special park filled with rows of benches, trees, and lovers walks. It is a special experience, and for those of you who enjoy reading, the park is the perfect place to settle in for the afternoon with a good book.