Lake Bled, Slovenia

While spending a few days in Ljubljana I decided to take a day trip to the town of Bled, a 50 minute train ride away. My main reason for visiting was the attraction of Lake Bled, which houses a church on an island in the centre of the lake. 

In addition to the church there is also a castle on the hill, which allows for spectacular views of the lake. The air is so fresh that you can feel your lungs being rejuvenated by the cleanliness of the area. 

Something that I found to be a wonderful law by the authorities was the absence of motorised boats on the lake. This meant that the area was peaceful and quite, and the water was clear and fresh. It's so important for these natural gems to be preserved so rules such as this one is a great decision by law enforcement.

The start of the lake is littered with restaurants, all serving the infamous Bled cake which was invented in the region. This is something you just have to try while here; every table in every restaurant has at lease one cake on it. 

There is a beautiful walk way going around the lake, which allows for an unlimited selection of scenic shots. Every few meters you will encounter another photo opportunity that takes your breath away.