Plitvice Lakes National Park

If ever you find yourself vaguely close to Northern Croatia along your travels it would be a crime not to visit Plitvice Lakes National Park. It is the perfect backdrop to do some of the most exquisite hikes in Europe. This natural world wonder provides the opportunity to explore something you will only discover in Croatia, and as the park offers a discount for multi-day passes, putting aside a few days for this gem is a must. 

As Plitvice isn't an actual town, accommodation is usually a couple of kilometres outside of the park, and will generally provide a shuttle to take you to and from the park. Alternatively you could rent a car but this is a more expensive option. A bit of advice would be to use entrance 2, as you will miss the majority of the queues, and get the chance to explore the first part of the parks without being surrounded by tourists. 

The parks are comprised of a collection of gorgeous wooden walkways that take you on a variety of routes, both hiking and walking options. At the entrance there are boards with the different routes, and the estimated time it will take to walk them. These routes are labelled by letter, and you just have to follow the signs at any crossroads you encounter. note: times given are generally longer than it will actually take. 

A final piece of advice is to all you photographers out there - if you can, take a tripod... the possibilities for photographs is endless, especially some creative long exposures.