I struggle to describe Prague in general terms because there is just so much to this magnificent city. I briefly visited the city in 2014, as a short stop-over while travelling from Berlin to Budapest via train.  This year, in July, I re-visited the city with a group of friends from South Africa. We stayed at the Mosaic House, which was honestly one of the highlights... because it was more of a hotel than a hostel, and just added the most wonderful element of comfort to our stay. Although I was there for a few days, this is my quick guide to seeing the city in a day. 

When travelling to this city your first stop has to be the old town square. Here you will find overpriced food, crowds of tourists, and the most mesmerising clock you have ever cast your eyes on. The astronomical clock was built over 600 years ago, and continues to attract tourists every hour on the hour for the medieval display. The greatest challenge is to try to understand what the clock is telling you - if you do manage to figure it out, I would love to hear about it. 

Finding the statue of 'Hanging Man', was my main goal for my time in Prague. Being a student of psychology, I have always been fascinated with Freud, and so finding this statue was definitely a highlight. It is part of a collection of statues by David Cerny, which are all scattered throughout the city. 

My other highlight was finding the John Lennon wall, which is a collection of graffiti art in honour of the late musician. Naturally adding a small saying is vital, so if you are in Prague and planning on visiting the wall, definitely remember to pack some permanent markers or paint. 

After adding a bit of South African love to the wall we ended off the evening with a meal at the John Lennon Pub, which really was the most mystical experience. Aside from the constant stream of Beatles tunes, and the floor to ceiling posters relating to Lennon, the food was incredible, and very affordable. I tried the most divine strawberry homemade lemonade, which I would recommend to anyone visiting the Pub. 

A final evening stroll back to the hostel along the Vltava is the perfect end to the perfect day of exploring. 

The ancient splendour and beauty of Prague, a city beyond compare, left an impression on my imagination that will never fade.
— Richard Wagner